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Taking full advantage of the talents and resources superiority in Beijing, with internationalized vision of long-term development, IFC established the R&D center in 2006 in ZhongGuanCun Life Science Park. The R&D center is very close to universities and research institutes like Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences etc., long-term cooperation relationship was set up with these universities and research institutes, which provides strong technical support and complement for our project research. The members forming the R&D team are mainly from domestic famous universities like Tsinghua University. We have the ability to carry out technology cooperation with multinational companies.


After many years of R&D innovation and technology accumulation, we have a full set of experience from project initiation, risk assessment, routes research in laboratory, process optimization to industrialized implementation. We are experienced in reactions such as catalytic hydrogenation, green esterification, ammoniation, chlorination, oxidation, heterocyclic, asymmetric synthesis, etc., and capable of sustainable innovation in the fields of pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and pesticide intermediates, new materials, specialty chemicals and so on. We have gradually formed a series of industrialized technologies with intellectual property rights.


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